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I promised to monitor this!

Almost a year ago now, I used megavanmats stretchy carpet to do my doors etc, and at the time I chose to go all the way to the door edges as it looks so much neater that way.

There was concern that the carpets would get wet and smell and come unstuck, as the edges are outside the rubber trim etc.

so, a year on, after approximately 15,000 miles in all british weathers and regular jet washing, here is the promised feedback!

The outer edges of the carpet do indeed get wet where they are exposed to rain and jet washing. However, due to the rubber trim which presses against them, not a trace of that dampness makes it 'inside' the van! Also, there is no smell, no issues at all, and none of it has come unstuck! (Thats what I expected, as I only used straight spray adhesive)

this was a year back, before I built all the units etc:

and this is today, after a jet wash.. you can see some water beaded on the bit which is 'ouside' the rubber strip, and also see where the rubber strip crushes against the carpet. That's it, no issue at all, and I wouldn't hesitate to carpet up to the edge again!

Hope thats of use to anyone worrying about doing the same :)

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