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Sky's wheel cleaning service was much appreciated, reasonable rates too. Just not sure if polish was cosetd for though...............and it was yours, John...............all of it ! LOL:

And conkers ! Hadn't played conkers for about 40 years !:confused: Never lost to an armour plated, team red one before though :eek::D.
Thanks for the photo's.

There was a bit of cheating going on where the conkers were concerned if i remember I:
Did manage to beat him by putting about 6 on a tent peg H:
Theres nothing wrong with a bit of conker modding I: But 6 on a tent peg was too much for my amoured plated team red. Maybe its the way you cobb your conker Russ :eek:
Whos up for round two at Cheddar H:
201 - 202 of 202 Posts