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Hi Guys, I was hoping for a little advice on connections for the PC200 kit- the instructions are rubbish!! I have worked most of it out, but need to check a couple of things...

There are 3 wires that go from the battery charger- 2 ring terminals & one pre made connector. I know where the connector goes, but am unsure of which terminals the rings go to. I assume one goes to the negative ring on the 12v unit & ther other to the +B2 (leisure battery) ring.

My other question is with the fridge. I want to run a compressor fridge which will need a permanent live feed even when the engine is off. The instructions make mention of a bridge function but its not really clear how this is wired.

If anyone has any info it would be hugely appreciated as CBE in Italy have not answered any of my questions!!

many thanks

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