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Hi probably already been asked a thousand times but it's got me confused

I purchased a second hand locking kit off ebay from a caravelle with all the wiring loom ect I have installed all the locks and loom apart from the tailgate all that I had to connect was two earth's and two lives I connected them up to a suitable feed and locked the van both front doors locked but not the slider
I locked and unlocked it a few times but still nothing from slider I pulled up the lock and the motor worked but then the front doors started locking and unlocking constantly cycling I couldn't stop it I turned the ignition on and off and it stopped but shortly after the live feed wire started to melt so I disconnected it

Now if I power the lives up the motors lock and unlock but are not in sync one locks and the other unlocks still nothing from slider :*

Can't understand why they cycle when I connect the live as I'm not even locking the door just does it by itself do you think it's because I don't have the tailgate motor wired up?

I intend to use a remote kit but until I get the locking fixed I can't really wire it up
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