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First of all, Im sorry but Im no car expert. I have T5 2007,
just made a new key with functional transponder but I cant
program the central locking. Im following the manual but it
just doesnt react at all. (To put the old key into the ignition
into on position, the second key in the drivers door, lock the
door, press lock button, unlock the door, press unlock button)
Just wont do the trick. Might be that I have a wrong FOB
although I ordered it on base of OEM number of the spare key.

But what is weird that the central locking doesnt react on the mechanical key (not even the old one).
If you turn it in the door it only unlocks the one door. As if the mechanical lock was not connected to the
central locking and thats why I think I cannot program the key as well. Will be happy for any suggestions
how to program it. Thanks!
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