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Well took the leap,

Its ticked most of my boxes but its a bit higher mileage than i'd hoped.
260k 2.5td 102 lwb Caravelle

Can someone confirm its a long nose, I am guessing it is.

I Feel asthough I'm perched ridicously high on drivers seat, i'm 6ft and heads not far off roof. There doesn't seem to be any height adjustment? any ideas anyone?

I have been looking at BMW front seats, anybody tried fitting these to VW bases before?

Interior needs a clean but carpet is actually very good as was under a cellophane wrapping.

Must do list:

-New tyres: Currently on 225 70 15s which are huge, rock hard and ancient tyres that I think have come off a sprinter or similar, being in Scottish highlands regularly i'm going to put on a set of Goodyear Vector 4-Seasons,
-Sort out a few rust patches seller has just painted over
-Hissing Brake servo at the baffle behind the pedal
-New fog light (one smashed in completely)
-Window tints
-rear seats removed and room for Mountain bikes tie downs put into floor with Rubberised floor pan with upstands at outer edges so that I can wash it out after muddy bikes have been in it etc.
-Build a bed conversion of some form to go over the middle row of seats for son and a cab bunk for smaller nephew.
- Swap out stereo ( not working)
- Gear stick Extension + possible short shift mod that i've seen on here.
- Swap out twin for single passenger seat and swivel plates for both front seats.
-Welcome lights in tailgate, so when I'm standing under it in dark I have light from above.

May do list:
-Bonnet bra
-DRL Lights
-Side steps
-rear tailgate porch tent
-Rear Spoiler
-Sun band across top of windscreen, but not until i'm lower or i'll not be able to see anything!!

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Hey Juddy,

Its not too bad, its got an oil leak that I havent investigated yet, got a slot on a ramp in local garage next Thursday so will be able to see the underside. The Brake Servo has stopped hissing, after me giving the seal a shove but will have to have a better look at that too.

Should get rid of those mammoth tyres, 225 /75/15s on Monday. The engines a bit noisy, a rat at tat tat kinda noise, but thats way above my "Google apprentice mechanic" skill set to be able to identify.

Have to say I've joined the forum for a week and found it most helpful already. My next research project is to get a pair of alternative front seats on swivel plates organised.

Cheers Keith
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