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I just thought I'd share this.

I listen to a lot of BBC 6Music and have an Alpine double DIN headunit with an auxiliary input but no DAB.

I bought a Pure Mini One Dab radio for £29 from the web.

Its a great little radio, smallest DAB I have seen and it has a tactile rubbery grip all over it.

I use a 3mm male to male cable to plumb it into my headunit's aux port.

I put it onto the top cubby on the dash of my T5 and extended the aerial along the dash. The aerial angles in all directions, and it lies along the dash into the corner of the windscreen, out of the way.

I have installed powered USB sockets in various places on my dash, and I found that a PSP USB lead has the right connector to power the radio. I got mine years ago from Amazon for a couple of quid. For those without USB sockets, these (at £1.17) will also do:

Finally, I bought the ChargePak for the radio for £19 which means that we can have it in the awning when we are camping. The battery lasts us about 20 hours of use by my reckoning. You don't need to have the ChargePak for it to work as a van radio.

It works beautifully all over the place, driving and parked up. My van now has 6Music, all the Absolute stations as well as Planet Rock (which I know is a forum favourite!)


This video shows how someone has hacked his Pure Mini to remove the speaker and wire in an aerial. I havent done this, and I'm sure it could be done better, but still, cool hack.

Hacked Pure One Mini
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