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Hello people, this is my first post.

Found a very interewsting place selling wheels and tyres for £12.95. The bloke is called John and he has stacks of them. I went to pick up one that I bought off ebay and ended up buying six. The tread on the ones I got are like new!!!

heres the item on ebay:


He has a website as well. Don't know if this place is mentioned any where else on this forum or not. He does all sorts of convesions including exterior work with bumpers, windows pop tops etc and also a huge array of interior things from insulating, carpeting, flooring fitting R&R beds etc. I have seen a van he had there carpeted and the quality of the job was very good. The place is in Lydney in Gloustershire, very interesting place


As for the tryes they are an absolute bargain. think he said he had some 215/65 as well

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