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Can anyone help me out? Just bought a set of remotec merc alloys off ebay for my swb T4 and very pleased i am too! They're all 8j's, 16in, ET16 all round but on scrutinising the wheel i found a raised circle of dots on each wheel about 1inch big, with the numbers 88 in the center of the circle on two wheels and 90 on the other two??? What the hells this mean??
Also, the recess which the plate covers on the outside center of the wheel, to hide the bolt heads is also slightly deeper on two of the wheels than the other two, i think the shallower recess pair have the 90 stamped in the circle of raised dots, is this related?
Is this maybe a load rating? If so, how much and which set's go front and rear??

Hope someone can help...as usual! Love this forum!!!
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