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Hello! Here's my VW Beetle all the way from 1971.

I've been trying to sell for a while now on ebay so dropped the asking price and thought I'd put it on here too. Apologies for the size of the photos below, I'm new to this so will try adjusting the quality.

The important bits:
It has a new MOT until February 2014 with no advisories and a full 12 months tax too (tax exempt anyway).

I've made a video which I put on youtube to try and give you a better idea of it's condition. It's cringe when I watch it back - apologies for the commentary! Copy and paste this into your address bar:


(please note the video is an old one - it was as the sunny end of last year when I did it! - so the mileage is incorrect and reads 78229 on it's MOT certificate)

It is a great little runner, and has covered under 9,000 miles on it's new 1600cc Remtec engine.

I have owned this car for about 8 years now and it was kept in a garage (SORN) for about 4 years at my folks unused until January 2012 when I got the engine replaced. The work was completed by the team at The Beetle Werks in Sussex and includes:
- brand new 1600cc Remtec engine - it's fully run in now so runs great - also includes a warranty that expires in Jan 2014
- new clutch kit
- new exhaust kit
- floor pan half right and near side rear floor plan replaced
- new front wheel cylinders and break shoes

The interior is all original but could do with a bit of tlc. In particular the drivers seat is torn, hence the green mat used to sit on, but it's comfy and doesn't effect the drive.

The same applies to the bodywork. There're a few rust patches here and there (the video shows these off nicely) and if you wanted the car to look pristine, you'd want a paint job too . That said, I think the photos and video show that it looks alright as it is and besides, its rugged appearance adds charm! If you really wanted a pristine car, you'd probably buy a new one right?

The drivers door is suffering from rust on the bottom seal which is taped up now. This is best seen from the pictures and youtube video, but as I mention in the video this didn't affect the MOT.

For those who like their VW history, it's one of the last 1300 models before the 1302S was introduced and for a 40 year old car I'd say it looks good for its age, and it runs really well. As mentioned above and in the video, I use it everyday and travel around 200 miles a week which I think shows how reliable it is. If you want to own a Beetle that goes well and is easy to maintain then this is the car for you. Similarly if you're after something that you can work on cosmetically then this is a great option too as mechanically, the major work is complete.


Hope you like it.

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