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Hi all, I have a 1992 Multivan, I had the problem with the Fuel Gauge which i resoldered thanks to the HOW TO page on this website, The other problem i had was the Digital Clock would reset itself intermittantly,

I have noticed that sometimes the lights on the dash for the fan sometimes come on and off, a tap and theyre back, This no doubt means the connecting at the back needs to be re-crimped and its easily sorted.

With vans of this age vibration and humidity condensation etc eventually take their toll and connections may need to be redone,

When it came to the clock i merely took out the Fuse which seemed fine and pushed it back in, now i reckon that means there is a connection that needs to be remade behind the fuse board, it hasnt reset itself since i took it out and put it back in, I reckon its the contact behind the fuse board, pretty straight forward i reckon!

What do you guys think?
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