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Here I am selling our Cobb Premier cooking system.
Included in the sale are all the extras we have purchased as well including frying pan, griddle and roasting rack. These extras weren't cheap. The Cobb itself comes with the original grill plate, fire bowl and the carry bag.

Everything comes in the original boxes. Also have a spare cobblestone which I will include for your first time of using. The Cobb can be used with cobblestones or bbq briquettes etc.

We have only used the Cobb a few times and the roasting rack I don't recall using. We just don't go away enough to use this cooking system when we have used it the results have been great.

The Cobb is great for camping. Smokeless and when cooking the Cobb can be easily moved as the outside stays cold. Anything can be cooked from full on roast dinners to your fry up In the morning.

£110 including free postage within uk.
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