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Does anybody know the correct procedure with the cold start?

I have a recon pump on a 95 ,1.9 , with the cold start I assume set up properly when the pump was rebuilt last summer.

The van starts well without the lever being used in all but the coldest conditions .

When I do use it it is stiff to pull out with the engine not running and only comes out slightly (about 10mm) , but as soon as the engine fires it will pull out fully very easily and the revs drop as it is pushed back in so it is working right across its range .

Just wondering if this is normal and how long to keep it out for , the van run ok as soon as it is going so I push it in.

It does smooth the engine out if I leave it out longer till it warms up but I would rather push it in as soon as possible ,is this the right or wrong way?

Cheers ,Spud.
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