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This will end up as a show us your wheels and how they fill the arch thread but there are other factors to take into account as I have found in the mine field that is buying wheels and tires.

I know this is an on going debate about the pros and cons of each and it depends where your willing to compromise either on ride, efficiency, or looks and even safety to some extent. Please feel free to comment and definitely add pictures to prove or dispute and comment made.

standard size for most t4s so with the correct size rubber the speedo will be correct
Ride with the most rubber between you and road should be the best
Economy should be good in both fuel and purchase price for tires

Aesthetically could look small on such a big car
Fewer Alloy options if that's your bag

Slightly larger to fill the arch
Ride should be good with a large choice of tire size
Loads of Alloy options
Can achieve accurate speedo reading with correct size tires
Cheaper tires to fit alloys than 17 and 18s

Some feel still a little to small to fill arch
Non standard so either ride, speedo or echonomy (could be improved) must be altered in some way

Aesthetically fills the arch
Large choice of alloys
Ride can still be good dependant on tires
Large number of alternative wheels eg Audi

Getting more expensive both for wheels and tires
Non standard so either ride, speedo or echonomy (could be improved) must be altered in some way
Harder to get van rated wheels

Aestheticaly Arches look full
Large choice of alloys

Ride will be affected ,
May be harder to fit to avoid rubbing on lower vans
Low profile tires may be required
Less choice of Van rated tires
Most expensive option for both tires and wheels,j
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