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My policy is up for renewal and I just discovered that no-one else is able to drive my van even though I have comprehensive cover.

I have been with A-plan for about 3 years now, so called them to find out why having comprehensive insurance for your van does not mean that someone else (who also has comprehensive insurance) can drive it and be covered! Apparently that works for cars but for vans it is different.

Sometimes my wife's car is in the garage but she still needs to get to work and has to use the van. In order to be covered she would have to be added on my insurance as a named driver, BUT, if driving to work then business insurance is needed!!

A-plan called her insurance company and they agreed to add the van on her policy as it's just for occasional use, and for FREE.

I never though I would say this but I am happy :) with the service from an insurance company! Thanks A-plan!
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