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Hello All,

Found my way here while looking at different cars/utes/vans to hit the road with mates and then go bike riding.

So far the T5 LWB crewvan or Caravelle look to be front runners as I need to carry 4 or 5 blokes plus bikes and gear. I think I can get the bikes in the back behind the second row of seats (need 170 cm from back of the seat to the rear door hence the LWB)

The BIG benefits I see with these VW's is locking the bikes inside for safety while the van is still short enough to get into underground car parks. Diesel economy is a major factor as well as trips may be around 2,000 kms all round.

Anyhoo, like I said I am in the research phase and still going thru threads about bikes in vans to see what others are doing.

Any ideas and assistance would greatly be appreciated
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