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Just after Christmas my 1Z decided to jam a valve open so its currently only running on three cylinders, so ive got to take the head off.

Today I was in my local scrappy and I noticed an AFN engined Audi A4 TDI all complete, ECU, N75, VFN turbo, manifolds, the whole schabang that the guy will let me have very cheap.

So, for those more experienced folk than myself here, will this lot fit? Is there physically enough room before the bulhead to get a VFN in.

Secondly, can anyone give me a definitive list of parts that ill need to take of the A4? Sure, theres:

Turbo to exhaust flange,
Exhaust manifold,

What else is there? Im guessing the turbo oil feed pipe will have to be custom made.... will I need the injector pump? Any others sensors, valves or switches I should grab?

Looking forward to hearing from you. Hoping I can get it all out tomorrow......
1 - 2 of 2 Posts