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Hi my van (T4 2.4D,1991 AAB) has some flaws that can make my head go from worried to really worried and then relax again.
Since i have bought it 2 months ago, the diesel en temp gauge did not work well. Found the fix it thread and with a electronics friend resolderd it. And with succes (so i think). Diesel gauge goes fine and temp goes up to 70, somethimes it goes up to 85 but then i start to think maybe the feeler feels wrong??
Heard it could be the thermostat that is permanently open and never lets the water get to its temp. That i think could lead to the fact that the vents never get going. Checked if they work on 3pin plug thermoswitch, and they do. So i guessed when draining the thing why not change the radiator themoswitch. but maybe it is the feeler in the block?!!

I would like to check the working of my thermostat, but i have never drained cooling myself and bad venting of the system could lead to even worse conditions than now i geuss.
What kind of coolant would go inside this system, the book says G11??
And is there any way to check iff the extra waterpump is doing his work, when i look at it the white crusts on it they start to rattle off. I guess its not working well or not at all, cause 3 hours after shutting down the motor the ventilation inside blows hothot air.
Dont know iff that is that good/bad, guess iff there is a pump for it it should work.

Thanks for the reading
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