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toying with the idea of doing a self build convertion.
not looking at anything major..no gas or water ect... just a bed, some storage, seats and a table.
heard talk of a zig unit.... no idea what this does... poss something to do with charging batteries.
just wanting to know ruff costings..
has anyond done a self build... if so what problems will i face.

dont want to spend pots of cash and dont mind if its a running poject , something i can do at weekends and eves.
all feed back greatfuly recived
hi and welcome,pretty much everyones van on here are running projects,its a t4 you are never finished modifying/converting

it can cost as much or as little as you wish,have a look in some of the sections for other peoples conversions for ideas of layout etc,then sort yourself out with a list of what you want to do in what order ie

run cables for split charge battery etc
insulate in wall cavitys
ply floor
ply walls
carpet walls
bed layout
kitchen layout

you dont want to build something in then remove it to put something in behind
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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