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Seen a van I like but it needs a brake vacuum pump and a cam belt change - what do you reckon would be the cost of these?
Thanks in advance.

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I have exact same T4 and was in same situation as you, nice van but wanted peace of mind. You must insist on knocking the price down for services missed or 'I've done it all mi self mate' coz there's a whole false ecconomy going on! For example, there was a T4 in at the same time mine was having it's full-on service (at main dealer) undergoing a massive engine re-build because the owner paid for a 2nd rate service and cam belt job...they did not replace the tensioner plate which is a massive no no (wheel fractures off after prolonged neglect, cam bet goes all slack and engine goes kaput!). The upshot of this, the owner was looking at a bill of £2k and rising :eek:

So, prices (parts) (conducted at 133k miles)

Cam Belt+ Plate + water pump £289

Service (all the fluids filters) £150

front +rear pads £ 124

Fluid, (inc full system drain and leak test + various gasket replacement) £90

OS steering boot + steering fluid replaced + some bulbs front & rear £103

Labour £777
Parts £549

Final bill £1590 A: T: :eek: LOL:

For me, it was a no brainer. I wanted guarenteed work (10years free back-up + courtesy car on all their work) but the best thing was it all came within budget T:

How can this be you say? I inspected the van with note book and pencil + cash in pocket. I looked at every single part of the van + ALL the paper work. I then listed all the faults and omissions (services mainly) and returned the next morning with a quotes list. I suggested he take my cash, as this would only happen again when the next buyer comes along. He dropped £1500 voilà T: T:

Mine had gone for 30k (had FMDH up to 100K) with 'DIY' services, now I'm sure there are folks on here who are awesome at this kind of work and I respect those skills - but the guy selling mine did not.

Hope this helps you, go in confident and I hope you get a good deal.

I LOVE my T4 and will NEVER go back to driving a car (AKA skate board) again Rasp:
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