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Hi All,

First post here - it's been a great use over the last year or so, thanks all.

I've got an 2008 Crafter.

I've currently got the front of the Crafter Open as I'm doing the cambelt, replacing the main crankshaft pulley, water pump, Lambda Sensor, aux belt and getting rid of the EGR.

The todo list comes from:

Oil sensor failed, so it got over filled with oil - since then its been smoking badly at times, mostly after accelerating after engine overrun - I think this is due to CCV dumped a load of oil through everything. Hence the clean up and EGR going, and doing a few sensors at same time.

Weird almost tappet sounding noise - but pretty sure its from the main crankshaft pulley and the rubber vibration insulator worn.

Rest is just in need of doing while I'm there.

A few small questions first:

With regards to getting rid of the EGR - I can't decide weather or not to blank at the exhaust and fully remove the EGR cooler along with the EGR (I've got a kit with a section of pipe to go between the anti shudder and the pipe from inter cooler). I figure why leave it there when it could spring a water leak or something in the future?

(Just a note on the EGR - god it was in a bad state inside, also the pipework from the CCV was full of oil, so that's got cleaned out as well - still umming and ahhing whether or not to just put this into a temp drain bottle for a while after getting it back on the road).

If I'm going to block it as close the the manifold as possible its going to be easier with the turbo out the way.

I was thinking whilst doing all of this I would send the turbo off to someone to give it a check-over and make sure all is ok.

I'm at the point where I'm thinking I don't want to be pulling this all open again any time soon so might as well check as much as possible while I'm here.

With regards to turbo removal, from the VW Workshop Guide (see end for the bullet pointed list), all is easy apart from "Unscrew turbocharger from exhaust manifold."

So my main question is, does anyone have an experience with removing the turbo and the easiest way to get to the 4 bolts holding it to the manifold?



Removing and installing turbocharger
(engine codes BJJ, BJK, BJL, BJM)

– With the ignition switched off, disconnect battery earth strap
⇒ Rep. gr. 27 .
– Remove heater air duct.
– Pull vacuum hose off turbocharger.
– Remove the intake hose -4-.
– Loosen bolt ⇒ Item 6 (page 161) from bracket -3-.
– Release control lines -2- ⇒ Item 2 (page 161) and
⇒ Item 3 (page 161) if necessary and lay to one side.
– Remove air intake hose -5-.
– Remove support for particulate filter -7-.
– Remove support -6- from turbocharger. Only loosen securing
bolt on engine bracket.
– Remove clamp -1-.
– Remove oil return line ⇒ Item 14 (page 111) at cylinder block.
– Remove oil supply line ⇒ Item 10 (page 111) at turbocharger.
– Unscrew turbocharger from exhaust manifold.

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So decided to go for it:

Rear 2 nuts - managed to get off with an long extension on the socket set no problem
Front left nut - managed to get off when not putting any extension on the socket set
Front right nut - a right pig as oil filter housing and everything is in the way - but managed to do it very slowly with a spanner in the small gap

Then started cursing as even with the nut holding the turbo to the engine bracket off i couldn't rotate it so the bolt (attached to the left side of turbo) slid out of the engine bracket.

However, now reading the VW service guide, it says to loosen the other end of the engine bracket (way down by the engine mount). This I guess should then allow enough play in the bracket to pop it off.

Going to give loosening it off tomorrow and see if the turbo then just pops out...

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Hi Ross,

Im in a position where my turbo has gone and need to take it off to get if looked at/recon'd.

Just weighing up having a go and taking it off myself or paying for a garage to do it.....

How difficult did you find removing it yourself and how long did it take you.


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Just figured out how to add images...

Heres the actual info from the VW book.

Hey Ross, realise you posted some time ago but wondered if you remember if there was a gasket between the turbo and the exhaust manifold?
We're currently rebuilding Crafter (BJK) after taking off egr system, both manifold, turbo and pdf. Egr wag heavily coked up as was inlet manifold and there was a crack in exhaust manifold.
Also wondered where you got the engine manual from?
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