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hope somebody can help?
have a pure highway H270sb dab radio I fitted in the van Oct. 2017.with a fama fm/ dab+antenna.
reception has been very good considering that west wales is not the best area for DAB.

just before xmas driving to the beach on a very wet and windy day going downhill the radio went snap,crackle,pop
lost fm & dab reception?

fiddled about with it over xmas and got fm back but no dab (no service on the screen)
tried a new antenna , no joy? checked original antenna with multi-meter, 12 volts all way to beesting antenna.
checked all the way to the antenna past the PCB.bottom of antenna to where contact is made with the stick,all good.

so I am guessing that something has blown in the radio (a diode? or something.)
the only help !! from the web-site,s say press reset to factory??
at a loss, so can anybody help,please.
best wishes to all on T4. forum during these difficult times.:)(y).
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