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Hi Guys n Gals,

We've had our T5 for a while now and spent a bit of time doing stuff with it just as we got it, with some renault triple rears, fixed bench and single up front, and side windows. We do a bit of cycling, the 2 kids have a little 50cc we run round a mates field, go camping a bit and I go surfing as often as possible. In all honesty the Kombi setup did us just fine for all of this, but it wasn't pretty.

So first up was a Vango Airbeam awning and rail from Andy at Wicked Vanz;

We figured we either wanted an awning OR a poptop, and the extra space from the awning came out top, not to mention far more cash to spend on other stuff . . .
The kids slept in the back of the van behind the fixed renault seats and we were in the awning. Right up until I decided I deserved to be in the van and the kids should enjoy the experience of sleeping under canvas :) which led us to finally deciding to go with a Caravelle conversion

and lining

and a facelift

and steering wheel & gear shift retrim . . .

Before the pics, I just wanna thank the following;

Dan at JustVanz (07974 522666) for doing the work and going out of his way to make it happen. I'm sure you will notice the extremely high standard of work and I cant recommend him highly enough.

Richard at Kernow Transporters (07738 538073) for supplying the Seats, rails and flooring. Great price and in great condition as promised.

Andy at WickedVanz (07500 041763) for the facelift parts and inspiration, he also does amazing conversions.

Jack at Royal Steering Wheels (07894 209349) for the retrimmed wheel and gear shift, amazing work and plenty of options to customise to your theme.

So now the pics!!!

So now we slide the rear seat up to the swivelled captains chairs, cover it with a topper and voila, full width bed with plenty of room still at the back of the van A:

I wish I had the time and knowledge to do work on my van myself, but even if I did, there's no way it would come close to what Dan ALWAYS provides (he's done engine work for us previously). Nothings too much trouble and he's more than happy to entertain any ideas you wanna try.

We've had it back for a week now and had a constant smile on my face from the second I picked it up through surfing all week and camping this weekend, thanks to everyone who contributed to that :ILU:

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