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I've done the sound deadening, insulating, carpeting, plying, flooring and over such things and am now on what seems to be the hardest stage.. Picking a R&R bed. My main uses for the van will be when i go skateboarding with a number of friends so ideally i want as much seating and room as possible but also I need to be able to turn it into a bed when i go away with just me and the missus!

At first I thought i wanted a fullwidth taking my seat number up to 5 as i didnt initially want a cooker or a sink or anything 'too campery'. But, the more I work on the van the more I think that I do want to go a little bit more along the camper route, which brings me to my conundrum...

Do i go for a 3/4 R&R taking my upto 4 seats and the standard cupboards down the side or do i go 5 seats without any cupboards as such. I'm still not really after a cooker or a sink but having cabinets would be a nice feature. Does anyone have a full width with cabinets? I couldnt really work out how this would work?! Can anyone give me any examples of full width beds with storage? I presume the only place they could possible go is behind the front 2 seats but i'm reluctant for this as i quite like having the option to walk through to the back without having to get out and walk around!

Any ideas you want to fire my way would be appreciated!

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