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Hi People,
Just thought id come and ask you guy's what you think of this deal? and to find out if were getting a good price for the part ex
right here's the info: all prices exclude vat

VW are offering 13.5K for our 57 (sept) Kombi lwb t32 130 metallic black elec pack cruise trip twin captain chairs, ac front, privacy windows heavy duty toe bar (never used) mud guards (perfect condition v well looked after rear seats never used) 65kmiles
we thought this was a good price considering but were not sure as i hear they are sought after..

new T5 on new reg
same again kombi lwb t32 140ps £21405 +£939
Leather pack b with trip
appearance pack
door pack c rear tail
Metallic Black
seat pack b
floor cover
cab comfort pack
fog lights
sun roof--- in a van for the first time ever! ;)
parking sensors
alarm B
dab radio
vis pack rain sensor dimming
tyre pressure thing
roof prep

Were getting 10% off everything..
Total to pay just over £11K +VAT

Considering the spec of the van were fairly happy but tbh we aint got a clue! what do you guy's think?
Cant wait till it comes now :)

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I got 12.5 % off a Kombi without asking.

I recommend the Motexion VW kombi bulkhead as well. Parts wise I got 10% discount and free fitting for mud guards, bulkhead, rear bumper protector.

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Hi thank's for reply's. Were vat registered nothing includes vat.
The 13.5K for the van excludes vat.
at first we got 10% off the van only. Then we nailed it down and said we will put depoist down today if the price is right, what's the final best they could do? we had other offers which were better (12% newark vw) and the others needed to see the van on the ramps but were to busy so walked away from from them. We really thought the 13.5K + vat was a cracking price. Final offer was 10% off the extras as well. When we brought our current van we got 13% but we didnt part ex the old T4 ah the memorys ;-) we never had one problem with the T4! they dont make em like they used too.. I blame Poland and VW cost cutting!

Because we've had problems with our current T5 we lost all faith in them.. but we love them if you know what i mean.. we decided to just change the van every 3 years before end of warranty. We really went for it on this one though the van is going to be super equipped but if it was an average jo VW it would work out about 2.5K a year cost of ownership cheaper than you think.

btw problems have been: driveshaft splines went wtf they made out of lead? we've been so kind to the van as well esp because it was oringinally going to be kept in the company.
rear spring snapped even though it's never ever had any serious weight init.
engine light for numerous sensors. Cruise control has stopped working. it sometime just lightly judders in neutral, but it has done this since we had it. Gear box is tight and smooth but it's not like they used to be it can 'clunk' into gear sometimes.

to be fair that about it, but it's enough to get you rattled.

About the kombi we currently have a bulkhead thats meant for a normal transporter and mounted mid position so it doesnt fit right. we couldnt get a 'proper' mid mounted bulkhead does anyone know where we could get-one? it has to have a window in it :)

We might be having a few dealer fit items.. like rear spoiler, bumpers protector side rails and alloy's (as you cant get alloys from factory on kombi some some unknown reason?) Do you think i should gun for free fitting as i think i heard something like £100 per hour labour! wtf! if they dont i might just not bother with it..

thanks for your help fellow T5 guy's T:
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