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I have someone willing to build me a rock n bed complete with seatbelts but i obviously want it to be a safe as possible, what should i be looking to inc in the design to make sure its as safe as possible? ie mounting points, seatbelt locations etc. Im not after someone to hand me a design on a plate just the main points to note from those that know or have done it themselfs.

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google construction & use regs and also have a butchers on the securon website for belt placement positions / angles.
shoulder strap should pass above shoulder to upper fix point else be passed through a secure fixed point to prevent shoulder injury and belt slipping off shoulder.
all belt mountings onto chassis is usually stronger than onto seat as the belt mtg points are taking loads from passenger, whilst seat mtgs only take seat load.
triangulation to disperse vertical and horizontal load components and prevent frame lozenging fwd.
seat base should have a rise to front edge to prevent passenger submarining under lap portion of belt.
folding mechanism release should require a force from person actuating seat release lever in a direction that cannot be accidentally applied by a normal front / side / rear impact.
if shoulder belts pass over the rnr backrest think where the loads will act in a front impact, pass moves fwd, belt tighents, ratchet in assy locks, huuge load on belt is forcing backrest down which will try and collapse the backrest downwards, causing backrest to fold or failing the release mechanism and the passenger is left flying around the cabin / strangled by the belt...

in all seriousness having any form of seat capable of being able to fold goes against pretty much every design requirement of a seat in a passenger car..

Lapbelts fastend to the chassis on a RnR bed are probably safer than shoulder belts passing over the upper edge of the backrest and down into the seat (unless the backrest is hugely reinforced)..

have a look at a crash tested bed then have a butchers at most non crash tested RnR beds and see where you go..

or if your mate who is making the seat is asking you for guidance and your asking here, maybe its time to judge that youre not best placed to design a peice of equipment that someones life could depend on...
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