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- much more aerodynamic (save about 7% fuel)
- a little extra protection, especially from salt in the winter
- add a lockable box at the back or middle for outside storage (colder, cleaner than inside the van, and locked so more secure - may be more temping so might save a smashed window, separate gas storage -safer)

I'm away at the moment. If someone could measure the dimensions for me I'd happily pay £30 over paypal for the dimensions (LWB) so I can start to design the bellypan. If not I'll have to wait a month til I get back home.

In terms of attaching to the underside it has to be very well attached and easy to take off. Can't drill into the chassis, so I'll have to think up a way to wrap around something, possibly heavy duty quality jubilee clips.

Light steel. Stainless probably too hard to work with should it need to be altered from the fabricators.

It's hard to me to design from where I am now without seeing the underside of a LWB van. But I'm itching to get going. Like I said, if anyone wants to help I'll pay for your time.
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