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Hi all,

Hope someone can spare me a couple of minutes to help a very very non van electrical chap out!

I am so close to completing my van conversion and am in the process of trying to do the electrics / lighting. I have purchased some of the IKEA Dioder lights for the roof of my van. I also have a Zig CF8 unit and my leisure battery all in place ready to connect up.

However I have read quite a bit about the LED lights blowing and the solution is to buy one of the reulators such as "http://www.reuk.co.uk/buy-12-VOLT-RE...-TERMINALS.htm ". My first question is do I need to buy a regulator if I'm running the lights through the Zig unit anyway or does this do the same thing? My second question is if the Zig unit doesn't control the 12v to the lights then if I buy one of these regulators are they easy to install as I have very little knowledge of car/van electrics!

Thanks to anyone who can help me out

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