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Well you may, or may not recall my little fuel pump incident the day before Lobb fields, (adjuster sheered off the pump on the link road driving home from work in Exeter Thursday evening.

Luckily the adjuster business end and the o-ring were still in place so bunged it up at the advice of my mate Al over in Chelmsford and merryily, (messily by the end of it!) toddled off to Lobb for a great weekend.

Spoke with Laurence over the weekend, (don't do beds!) and booked it in with him to see what could be done. Also spoke to Bear who told me about a 2.4 he was breaking and secured the fuel pump from it as a shelf spare.

Sorted out a fellow forum member with a very nice back seat, helped where I could over the weekend, sorted you lot out with breakfast on Sunday... ;)

Back to my pump. Well thought about full refurb, (£400 quote) or new pump (£700!) then Laurence suggested I speak with Ashley over at Braunton Garage in the village as he's a Bosch chap and could probably order the adjuster in.

Went to see him, told him my woes and he stopped me and said, 'wait there'. Five minutes later he came back with an knackered LT pump from the scrap bin.

He told me the adjuster's the same and this one's spot on.

How much? I said. Take it he said. result T:.

Laurence, (and Mike) fitted it for me and after hours of fiddling and tuning got it sorted.

Van running like a dream now, journey's to work are great, good power, good fuel economy, very happy bunny indeed.

So big thanks to Laurence and the lads at Totally T4, and to Ashley over at Braunton Garage for sorting me out 'ansomely! (I took him a bottle of nice south african wine for his trouble).

So do good things and good things happen... something Bob said to me, and I suppose he's right.

That's it really, just my little waffle for the night, help people out and you never know what you'll get in return.


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