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Ive been contemplating for a while whether to start detailing again.
I stopped about five years ago due to starting a new job.
Ive detailed vehicles for around 20 years but as and when time allowed.
With the job I have at present I get a lot of days off, so im starting up again by offering vehicle detailing on my rest days at what I hope will be fair prices.

I will be offering basic "valets" or custom detailing as required by the individual.

Prices will range from £20 for a mini valet, £55/£75 for a full valet depending on size or up to £250 for an ultimate platinum professional detail which can take up to 12 hours to complete. which will have your vehicle looking as good or if not better than it left the dealers. As long as it not a rust bucket!!!
A whole manner of detailing services in-between will be available to suit all budgets.

A silver star detail is around £120 and is far superior to just a standard "valet"
This would include
Vehicle washed with ph neutral car shampoo
Inside wheel arches cleaned
Hand dried using plush drying towels
Alloy wheels cleaned with a non acidic cleaner
Tyres cleaned then dressed with Meguires Endurance Gel
Vehicle treated to remove tar contamination
All door frames and shuts cleaned
Fuel cap shut cleaned and dressed
Glass cleaned and polished inside and out
External mirrors polished
External headlights and taillights polished
External chrome trims polished
Exterior plastic trim treated
All rubbish removed
Interior carpets & boot space vacuumed
Interior air vents cleaned using cotton buds
Front and rear door panels cleaned and dressed
Door pockets and glove compartment cleaned
Floor mats vacuumed
Rubber door seals treated with seal feed
Leather seats cleaned and fed
Exterior polished with meguiars ultimate polish

A full days standard gold star package is around £160 and would include the following in addition to the silver star package
•The vehicle Snow Foamed & washed safely using 100% sheepskin wash mitts and a PH neutral shampoo
•Wheel arches, panel gaps, door shuts and badges are also cleaned with detailing brushes
•Wheels cleaned using acid free wheel cleaner
•All paintwork decontaminated using a clay bar
•Wheel arches cleaned & protected
•Engine cleaned and protected
•Car hand-dried using soft, plush drying towels
•Two-stage machine polish using compounds and polishes appropriate to the condition of the paintwork on the vehicle
•Paintwork thoroughly cleansed to help the wax or sealant bond properly to the paintwork
•High-Grade Carnauba wax or paint sealant applied to paint (customers Choice)
•Any Aluminium or Chrome metalwork cleaned, polished and protected with appropriate products
•Wheels sealed and protected
•Tyres, plus any exterior plastic or rubber trim are cleaned and protected

Both of the above details are perfect as a yearly treat.

This week ive treated mine to a gold standard detail and it looks amazing.

Any queries you can call me on 07818673150

Once im sorted I will list a full menu of services I can offer.

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