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Well here`s one I`ve not seen before. I`ve always had a bit of a click/crack from the drivers door on my bus but never bothered to much about it just thinking the door stop was on the way out. When working on the van the other day the click disappeared, so on closer inspection this is what I found..

So now I had a problem as I had a hole in my door where the door stop should fix onto.

So after having a brew and pondering the issue I decided to try and weld it back in, so you`ll need one of these.

Then strip out the wiring loom from the door and anything else in the area as it will be in the way for welding. Then make sure and properly earth the door, I used three earthing points. 1; on the A post. 2; On the door stop this one was the one from the mig welder. 3; one on the door itself. then refit the door stop and open the door. This will hold the stop in place or as close as.

I used two jump leads as earths from the A post and the door and hammered a metal rod into the ground where I connected them onto.

Before welding disconnect the battery, I took off both leads just to be sure. The nozzle from the mig welder fits inside the door pretty good and I got good welds along the top and bottom of the metal plate, I also put a couple of spot welds on the out side front. The door is double skinned at this point so you will not damage the outer look or paint to much.

After welding I masked up around the area and painted with zinc paint.

Then if you have any touch up paint then paint it in to finish. After that rebuild the door internals and the jobs a good un. My door now works as it should again.. How long for remains to be seen!!!! T:
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