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Hey all

The usual question of swivelling the double bench seat but with a twist. As I see it my options are

1 unbolt it, turn and bolt down when stopping for a few days. A pain.

2 wait till kiravans produce the t4 version of their swivel. But not till later in the year I suspect.

3 and this is the one I need advice on. On the t3 a Front seat can be slid off the rails, turned around and slid back on. I was wondering if it's possible to fit rails to the front bench and do this. I carry my kids in them so I'd only consider a crash safe option. Ideally someone will know that there is a factory fitted option like the rails the drivers seat is on for the bench. Is something like that the case?

For reference this is a 2003 t4 wv2 chassis kombi van.

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