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Let me introduce to my dream car... a VW T4. :D

After years of trying to find the perfect Syncro (by perfect i mean one that suits by budget) i had to abandon the idea and convince myself that i don´t need a syncro and a normal T4 will do.

After lots of reading, googling and a few test drives i finally bought my T4. It´s a 2002, long nose 2.5tdi and rustwise looks alright, but mechanical i think it will need some attention.

Picked it this weekend and drove my first 60 miles on it... i felt like a kid again! :cool:

Next steps:
  • clean.. deep clean.
  • cambelt replacement - the previous owner told me it was replaced, but the water pumps looks old and it´s better to spend money now than with a new engine. will also change the crankshaft seals just in case.
  • new vacuum hoses
  • Remove rearseats
  • get a new ply floor for the rear and vinyl floor
  • tint windows
  • leisure battery
I also have an oil leak on the steering rack, that will try to sort with the Lucal power steering stop leak oit.

On the long term i would need to replace all the insulation in the van with proper stuff, but this will take time. At the moment i just want to preparar the van for summer (or worst case scenario when this corona thing is gone)


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