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Hi Folks
I’m drilling the cab roof interior (next to the end of the sun visor) in order to insert poppers for my new curtains. However, when drilling the driver’s side the drill was stopping and seemed like it was hitting something hard. I only need to drill about 2 cm for the pop rivet. The passenger side was fine and it looks like I’m drilling in an identical place at the driver’s side. So should I keep drilling or find a different spot. My DIY skills are limited and I really don’t want to have lots of holes in the cab interior or drill through the roof, so any advice is welcome.
I was also planning to start the electrics for the conversion, but could only get one of the window wiper blades off as the other one is seized on. Tried the spray stuff to loosen it and various other ways to get it off, but gave up after 3 hours (mostly just staring at the damn thing!). Any advice welcome.
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