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Hi All,

New to the Forum, but we sell Vango and Outwell Drive Away awnings. If people are interested in any of the lines we sell, please contact me via private message or call on 01924 409085. We stock all the parts you could need, such as the carpet, footprint, figure of 8 kits, and wheel covers.

The models we sell are:


Country Road Awning
California Highway Awning
Paradise Road Awning
San Diego Highway


Idris Standard
Idris Tall
Kela Standard II - (2015)
Kela Tall II - (2015)
Sapera Standard (2015)
Sapera Tall (2015)
Attar 380 Standard
Attar 380 Tall
Attar 440 Standard
Attar 440 Tall

If anyone is interested, please feel free to message me privately. All details of products can be found on our website, the address is below.

Kind regards

David Scotland
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