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Hi All,

Luke here from Khyam. I know that I spoke to a few members of the forum at the Caravan and Motordome Show who were interested to see the comparison video that we have done between our Quick Erect Motor-dome & Ridgi-dome Range, our New Air Tents & Awnings and traditional Pole & Sleeve system.

We were curious as to the benefits of air awnings, and the 5 minute pitching time, and how this stacked up against our quick erect range so we did a comparison video... of a similar sized traditional tent, air tent and quick erect tent. The results were quite surprising. Although the air tent can be pumped up quickly, it takes longer to unroll it and peg it down before you can start blowing it up, then you still have to guy it down.

Here is a link to the video

Kind regards,

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