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Hello, its Mauro here from Italy, please forgive my very bad english, I have a problem with my 1992 multivan and I don't know who to ask for help... I wanted to control the second battery which is under the seat (it was first time I did it as I bought it some months ago only). I had to turn a small lever on the intern side of the seat to allow it pull further. It then wont go any further due to a stop.
Perfect. I changed the battery but then cannot push the seat back. Something is blocking the seat to go back to the correct position, and it looks like the block is on the door side. it is completely blocked now.
Anybody knows what I can do?
Trying to look into the space between the seat and the rail, on the door side, it seemed to me to see a screw connected to the seat blocking the rail. Would it be possible? What the hell is that screw doing there?
really really think you for any help, I'm desperate....
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