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I'm posting this here after no responses in the what's it worth forum, and after reaching the decision that realistically, I think it's time... :blg

Hi guys,

I'm kicking and screaming here, but I may have to part with Dubby my Dubmobile. A forthcoming PhD and my total lack of time is against me - I've put so much love into this van, and it seems way too early to let her go, but circumstances have changed lately so I feel like I don't have much of a choice.

She's a white '96 1.9 diesel T4 (SWB), about 156K from memory but will double check that... [edited to add: just checked and she's actually on 159K now]

- She was a panel van when I got her (April 2011), apparently had a new paint job in 2010. Body works in very good condition - will post more pics if anyone's interested.
- I've replaced all the panels, fitted her with sheeps wool insulation and lined the new panels (including the roof) with stretchy Anthracite from MegaVanMats.
- I've had 2 original inca lined VW seats, with head restraints, armrests and seatbelts, fitted in the back (rear facing) (seats cost £70, paid a professional £60 to fit them), taking her up to a five seater.
- I fitted a space invader mosaic floor.
- Had the fan belt replaced while on a road trip in Germany @122.60 Euros in Sept '11.
- Oil and filter changed in Sept '11
- Had a small chip repaired in the windscreen, Sept '11
- Alternator replaced and wiring repaired @£207 in Oct '11
- Master and Slave clutch cylinders replaced @£228.30 in July'11
- In April '11, when I bought her, I had my tracking done only to discover the previous owner had changed the tyres (not van load rating) and left out the spigot rings, so I then went to the local tyre guy and...
- Had 4 new van load rated tyres and spigot rings fitted @£240 (she's also got alloys on)
- I also had the ball & socket end of the steering rack replace in April '11, cost me £60 and it's the only work I've had done on her which I don't have a receipt for

- Have an old receipt with the log book from previous owner, exhaust replaced in March '08 - that's the only receipt that came with her to me. Previous owner told me she was bought off someone on this forum who lived in Swansea. The exhaust was checked by my mechanic tho and he thinks the back sections have been replaced more recently than that.

MOT is up in July 2012, and tax runs out at the end of this month, but I'll be putting some tax on her if she's still with me - she's my only ride.

I took the checker board off her bonnet and the 'fox' stickers off her rear end, but she still has an AlpineStars logo on the back (the last owner was into his bikes...) which you can see out of but not into. The previous owner disconnected the rear wiper so it didn't take the sticker off apparently, I never reconnected it because I haven't felt like I needed to.

Up and over rear door, no radio in her but interior is in pretty fair condition - no rips or tears in the seats, and I put a new knob on the gear stick as the original had split.

The fuel gauge only works up to the quarter mark - she's had that since I got her and it was on my 'to do' list along with the glow plug light which is always on. I read up before I bought her and found out these were common faults, so they didn't worry me too much - I've just been resetting the mile counter when I fill her up so I know how much she's got in her. The only other thing I'm aware of is the locks on the side and passenger door - I've never been able to use the key in them, I have to open them from the inside. Drivers door and rear door locks both work fine. She's all wired up for central locking with an alarm system, but the electrician who did the alternator wiring disconnected that when she went in, and I've never reconnected it because I didn't like the loud 'beep beep' every time I went in and out - I felt like I should have had a BMW and some leather driving gloves! M:

I don't have the exact mileage to hand, but I'm pretty sure she's on around 156K. She's been so much fun, I wanted one for *ages* and I really don't want to get rid, but with a partner to think about as well as my lack of time, she's just a project that isn't getting finished... I'm quickly running out of the time and money to do her justice.

That being said - she's not let me down... We had a wicked 30th birthday roadtrip in her all the way through Germany - she kicked ass in the black forest! Has started first time all winter, and even today all iced up and covered in snow, she's turned really nicely.

I love this dubmobile, and I really don't want to get rid, but I am seriously low on time so it just doesn't make sense for me to keep her.

Looking for £3000 ono - I've put blood, sweat, tears and my heart into her! Will consider sensible offers.

Some more pics are in my album... These are the project pics but can post some new ones and more close ups for anyone who might be interested.

Please give me a shout if you've got any questions - I'm not in the business of keeping anything to myself here, I'd just like to think she was going somewhere where she'll be as enjoyed as much as she has here. I worked so hard to save the money for her, and get her up to where she is now, I'm gutted to even be writing this to be honest.

Thanks for looking,
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