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Hello ive had my tdi conversion 2 years now and blue clocks was the next up grade
The clocks when in easy after reading up loads about them
No bleeds on flashing lights only the rev counter seating at a 90 rpm
Not 900 ish as normal took it round the block to see if the oil lights stayed off and they did so really happy
Then i started thinking about the rev counter and i took the ecu signal wire off from g1 pin 12 and added the w terminal and the rev counter worked as it should i was buzzing till i when round the block again oil light flashing and beeping

The only thing i can think of is that ive not put the low oil pressure wire on any where on the new clocks as no where to put it
The clocks are from a 1.9 td abl my engine is a 1.9 tdi ahu
The vans a 1.9d
Any help would be great im will to try anything at the min
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