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Morning all,
Any of you guys planning on attending eastbourne extreme on July 13th? Suppose to be a cruise down from the campsite just outside eastbourne onto the sea front. Then all park up for the "vw bus stop" attraction as they call it. I believe camping is free if your taking part in the cruise/bus stop, you just have to send them your reg via Facebook. Potentially this could be a good free camp/meet for the summer, also it involves the sports I like. (Added bonus T:)

I've looked into a few of the previous years of buses that turn up, and it's a lot type 2's, splittys, etc. so would be nice to see the t4's rolling this year! (Suppose t5's are welcome... I:)

Here's the direct link to page


I'm in, and dancook89 also.
(This was all his idea by the way)
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