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I have a October 2008 T5 Van 1.9 diesel, the aircon doesn't work and this has been diagnosed as a problem with the ecu, upon further investigation it was found that someone has fitted the wrong ECU, the one fitted is part number 0380906016AJ (VW say this is from a 2003 to 2005 Beetle) the correct one should be 0380906016AH.
The second problem is that I have SAFE displayed where the odometer display is, the mileage is displayed until you turn the ignition on then safe appears. I know the van has had a different ignition barrel fitted as I have a different key for the doors to the ignition, the van starts and drives no problem, it will even start by just using the blade from the key fob and no transponder nearby.

I was thinking of getting an unlocked ECU from ecutesting.com which has had the immobiliser disconnected, once I have the correct ecu I guess the aircon would work and possibly the SAFE display would go away.

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated or has anyone used ecu testing.

Many thanks Confused of Corsham:*
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