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hi everyone,
i'll start with some background on the van - it's a 1998 1.9 888 special with a 2001 2.5tdi engine fitted by the previous owner.
i was mugged on ebay when i bought it. gullibly believing that the "clocks just need swapping over to work. Thanks to the help of SPANNERS on here i found that the connector wasn't earthed so managed to splice one in and i have clocks.

ah - but the coolant light and coil keeps flashing - ok - put a new expansion tank with sensor on, put a new brake switch and put a load reducer on for the LED lights.
still flashing so i though ah, i'll need to erase the errors from the ECU and off i went to buy a VAG-COM cable/disc and even the code reader. - nothing, nada, zitlch no reading at all - why? BECAUSE THE MUPPET THAT FITTED IT HADN'T WIRED IN THE 16 PIN PLUG for the COM-PORT!! :eek:

So, does anyone know how i can clear the faults on my ecu? is it possible to run some longer wires to the ecu from the com-port? i followed the wires from comport to behind the fuse box, into a birdsnest of wires where the white connector was dangling - no available connectors to plug it into. i thnk from memory it has a single blue&white connector. and 2 browns and a red into a double connector.

sorry to be so long winded,
any ideas folks?
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