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I've only had my T5 2 minutes. Yellow Engine light came on. I took to the garage and they've said i've got a EGR valve fault.

They've reset it, and if it come back on they said I'd need it replacing, the whole unit with the cooler, seems a bit drastic?

I'm new to having a vehicle with a computer in it, having been a classic mini driver for the last decade. So i've a few questions I'm hoping someone will be able help with:

1/ When they get the computer to read it, does it say there's a vague fault that something maybe up with it, or is it specifically saying, "you gotta buy a new one" which is £200+ .

2/ is it worth me ringing the garage to get the diagnostic code to assist your opinions?

3/ Should i contact the guy who sold it me? As I only bought it on monday. I think if someone rang me saying "gimme the money for a new EGR!" I'll tell them to do one. What would I say?

4/ Shall i open up the EGR and have a poke with a screw driver? I am a professional meddler.

5/ Should i buy a cable and plug my own laptop in and save me these 'diagnostic charges' in the future?

Many, many thanks.

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