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I had been having issues with my drivers door window,I was beginning to believe it was possessed.
It had a life of its own,up,down up,down and as is the way with these things,usually when it was raining.
I had a good idea of the cause.
Water getting in when I opened the door as it ran off the roof to the front pop top wind deflector which channels it to the sides pouring out above the doors roughly in line with the wing mirrors.
I trawled the forum getting lots of ideas from fellow forum members,and passing this info onto the guys at the garage.
Wires in the door baffle were checked and taped,and switches were unplugged,checked etc.All with no success.
The garage had to resort to disconnecting the motor,until they could get it in again.
Then yesterday success.
They actually took the window motor out and as they were inspecting it a green mouldy liquid ran out.
New motor ordered fitted,and at long last fixed.(touch wood).
Hope this will be of some help to anyone with similar symptoms.T:
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