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Hi - can anyone help ?

We have a 2003 T4 with genuine VW electric windows, one touch up/down, (3 pin wiring from switch to motor). Drivers side window will stop working, especially if van has been parked with direct sun on the drivers door. Problem is with the motor, not the switch - push the switch and you can here a click in the motor, but no action. Remove the doorcard and tap the motor a couple of times, and it will start working again. Suggestion is that it might be motor brushes - has anyone else had a similar problem ? Also, does anyone have the VW part no. for the 3 pin wired motor - I guess it is on the inner side and I will have to remove the window mechanism to see if it is shown.

Also, when working the window now stops at the half down position - the passenger side window continues to work fully up and down. Nothing appears to be sticking, it is as though the motor is now programmed to stop half way down. How do I get it to revert to full up/full down opening ?

Thanks, Colin.
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