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:confused:HHHHHeeeeellllppppp please

I,m running a 2007 T5 swb panel van with a 1.9 tdi coupled to a 5 speed manual box....Question is this....If the engine and/or gearbox was available from a golf would they fit straight into my van. Would the car gearbox help with a better mpg. I think I'm getting about 42 on a run

Hopefully I can download...or is that upload a piccy of my honey...she is a really great drive although a tad high (130000) on the mileage but so sooooo comfortable to do short or long haul.

Just tried to do the piccy bit but don't seem able to find it on my 'pooter so I'll describe her.....As I said a swb white panel van and I've had fitted two black shaded windows behind the drivers compartment, wall to ceiling carpet, nice hard wearing flooring and a fold down 3/4 width full length comfortable bed, 240 volt electrics for camping a nice set of vw alloys on the outside.

Thanks for any help chaps and chapesses, James :)
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