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I had a lovely weekend away in la camper over easter. Even saw the snow.

Now on the first morning this being Friday my EML lit up.... I did a scan on it with my Torque app and it came up as P0673 Glow plug no 3 open circuit. Saturday was the same. I squirted some WD40 up the spout of the plug caps thinking it might get rid of any gunk etc. Sunday the same thing. Monday afternoon nothing lit up. Great I thought, the WD has done the job, until this morning. D'oh.

Now this only activates on the first start of the morning in the cold, subsequent starts it does not happen.

Now the plugs have never been replaced from what I can see. Nor in the book can I see when they should be changed apart from when suffering a slow start. It has now got 106k on the clock.

So .....at what mileage should they generally be changed if at all?

I have seen the TDI link on here somewhere which involves tests which I may look at when it warms a little outside!
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