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Good evening all,

I have been having a rough time with my van over the last few days.

I have decided to put it off the road for the next wee while to get the Engine sorted out. After recently replacing the clutch, DMF & timing I developed a knocking noise (although timing correct, checked at local VW Commercials).

I started taking it apart today hopefully if the snow holds off I will have it out tomorrow. :)

While its out I want to completely strip it down firstly to find out what the knocking/loud ticking noise was/is, and just basically to check it all over and Recondition it (hopefully nothing serious but might need another engine). I know for a fact I need a new Oil pump as the previous owner damaged it changing the oil seal.

I'm hoping to get help as I go and suggestions on any proven upgrades/mods to do while its out and getting ££££'s spent on it.

Gutted that its off the road but excited to have it like new at the front again.

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