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I've spent the afternoon removing the ancillary AA wiring from the rear of my vehicle. This also includes the 70 amp fused leads from under the bonnett and the rear jump start connector. I couldn't remove the front one or get to the earth lead so left it in place for now.

I've previously removed the various aerials, beacons, rear wipers, motors and electrics and filled all the holes.

All I've got left now is the comms stuff under the passenger seat.

Anyway, I've unintentionally managed to cut through the towbar wiring. I don't know much about towbars but it has a white 7 pin plug with the middle pin being a female. What looks to have been added after is a black 7 pin plug with the middle pin being a male.

Behind the rear os light cluster I've gone and removed the relay and all the wiring and also cut away the wiring from the blue scotch blocks.

The rear van lights all work fine by the way.

I've also cut through what I think is a dedicated towbar wiring loom. It wasn't connected but appears that it would plug straight into the back of the light cluster.

Now with the towbar off, I've tried to see where this dedicated loom would have connected to the cut ends of the 2 towbar plugs. However the wiring on each plug is of a different thickness and colours to the loom. So I'm not so sure if the loom was connected to the towbar at all and am thinking one plug went to the relays and the other to the blue scotch blocks.

I will probably rarely if ever use the towbar. If I do, it's likely to be for a bike carrier. I'd like to have the function though.

Which plug should I use or both or get a new one (not sure if 7, 12 or 13 pin in the latest/most common. When would I need 2 plugs?

Where did the loom go if not to the plugs and can I reconnect / re-use it?

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