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Ok finally bit the bullet and got a T28 2.5TDi, 99,000 on the clock but drives like a beaut and is reasonably tidy....... happy bunny.

Picked her up from Manchester last Thursday and by the time I'd got back to Chester (37 miles) the coolant header tank was empty.
I topped it up and went for a quick spin and re checked header.. it had gone from max to min in 20 miles, took off the oil filler and steam was pouring out of it, not good!

Called dealer and said I thought head gasket had gone, he told me to take it back and he'd get it sorted. I took it back on Monday gone.

Phoned Monday afternoon to find out what they thought was wrong to be told head gasket was fine and it was the water pump that'd gone, mechanic had new pump on order and I'd be able to get her back Tuesday afternoon.

Tuesday afternoon I was told that wrong pump had been delivered and that it'd be ready to pick up this afternoon (Wednesday.)

Now I'm being told that they need a special tool that is only needed for my wagon and the VW Toureg to remove the pump???

Getting a bit bored now so can someone please tell me if a "special" tool is in fact needed for my van or are they messing me about?

By the way it's a 2008 2.5TDi PD.

Many thanks in advance.
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